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History of fischer tool and mould making

fischer Innovative Moulds Ltd. has been an integral part of the fischer group of companies since its introduction in 1954, 6 years after the company was founded. In the beginning, the fischer Innovative Moulds Ltd. known today was a purely mechanical workshop. Over the years, a fully equipped and modern mould making facility has developed. In 2015, the mould making division was spun off into an independent Ltd. within the fischer group of companies and now operates both internally and externally.

Employees and locations

100 employees at 4 locations design, manufacture, qualify and maintain high-precision injection moulds. The head office of the mould construction is located in Horb am Neckar. Further mouldmaking locations are: Waldachtal Tumlingen, Freiburg Hochdorf and Vyskov (Czech Republic)

Horb am Neckar

at the headquarters is the construction and programming as well as manufacturing, assembly, quality quality controll, pilot plant and service and production support.

Waldachtal Tumlingen

as a service provider, is responsible for the maintenance and repair of production tools for fischer fixing systems.


In addition to production support as a service provider, a further focus is the round machining of tool elements.


In addition to production support, the Czech location also houses all the relevant mold making production processes.

Sustainability and quality


Sustainability combines aspects such as environmental protection, technology and innovation as well as economic success and social responsibility. We at the fischer group of companies see all this as one of our learning processes for living, working and managing in harmony with nature. The fischer group of companies actively assumes its social responsibility. The principles for this are laid down in the fischer mission statement and take into account economic, social and ecological aspects. fischer plans its economic development with long-term and sustainable goals in harmony with social interests.

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fischer Innovative Modules is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 (quality management) and ISO 50001:2011 (energy management).  We are also a certified AEO shipper.

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ISO 50001

ISO 9001